Spaghetti Tree

Quick & dirty Ukulele thing. Some thunder in the background. Other noises. Things.

A jig?

Don’t Mind the Hiss.

Some baritone ukulele improvising. 

Junky ukulele prepared with alligator clips, used a slide, too. Got kind of a koto/guzheng meets banjo sound.

Glockenspiel with contact mic through a delay pedal. Recorded/edited with Audacity using the Samson GoMic. Woo!

20 plays

Goat Think.

Dakota King.

Slow bloggin’ days, I know. Above is a little track that took me much longer than necessary. It’s some electrified kalimba, ukulele, and a dictionary & a planner as drums. Enjoy.

Slight Whistle

(It’s been way too long since I put up a recording.)

We Have the Good Times by the Throat.

10 plays


Inspired by this.

10 plays

Slow Blues for a Slow Saturday Night.


Webcam audio of some random kalimba-ing while m’wife washed dishes in the kitchen (as background accompaniment, I assume).

Sluke. (I like the ending on this one.)

10 plays

Quick, Hide the Marmalade.

Really Weird Noises. (Best through headphones).